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Assembly Tips


The scale miniature globes are cuboctahedrons:

Click here for a Playscale (1:6) practice page.
Click here for a 1" Scale (1:12) practice page.

Some assembly tips:

  • in the map fold-outs, folding lines separating polygon faces are absent; they are included in the crease patterns available here for practice
  • precision and patience matter most. Small errors can accumulate and prevent fitting the last faces
  • using a dull blade guided by ruler or straightedge, lightly and carefully score all folding lines before cutting. This will make creasing easier and more precise
  • if you prefer scoring the reverse side of paper, use a needle or pin to make tiny perforations at every vertex and use them as guides
  • a utility knife guided by a straightedge is more precise than scissors, but please be careful! To keep better alignment, score and cut as many lines as possible without moving the straightedge; also, use the additional alignment ticks included in several maps check every white tab's fit before applying glue
  • a single face (shaded in the preview pattern) should be glued last; it has no tabs, so must be aligned by sight


These images were donated to this site by Carlos Furuti. Thanks Carlos!

Visit Carlos Furuti's Map Projections: Polyhedron Maps for many larger Polyhedral "globes" and much more information on Cartography.

A note on scale
This page was made with images donated for your use. Feel free to print it and pass it along to anyone, but please don't sell them.