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1" Scale Antique Book

This image of an antique book comes from Sherry Nix. Thanks Sherry! Here's her comments:

For some background on the book, it was given to Iva M. Jordan on December 25th, 1901. It was published by Hurst and Company of New York. You can tell that it was done by type setting and the pictures were the wooden blocks with the metal pictures on them. Every now and then you can see where the block left too much ink on the page.

Page 1 - The Wise Men of Gotham, who went to sea in a bowl.
Page 2 - How the dog and the monkey became friends
Page 3 - A morning call
Page 4 - Three birds in a tree
Page 5 & 6 - One, two, buckle my shoe
Page 7 & 8 - Wee Willie Winkie
Page 9 & 10 - Jack and Jill went up the hill
Page 11 - Little Jack Horner
Page 12-14 - Crosspatch

I folded each set of pages in half, sprayed the back with adhesive spray, and carefully aligned the pages front to back in order of the way they are printed. They should be one continuous set when you are finished. Then, glue them into the cover.

I hope anyone who copies this, enjoys it, but please do not sell it. If anyone has any questions, or would like further pages, they can E-mail me at ~Sherry


A note on scale
This page was made with images donated for your use. Feel free to print it and pass it along to anyone, but please don't sell them.