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1" Scale Picnic Basket


Print two copies of this page. Each copy has one brown handle on the left side. Fold it on the black lines so it looks brown from both sides. Each copy has a hinge. Glue both hinges to one of main pieces where the oval meets the wicker weave. See the 1/2" scale version if you have any doubts what I mean. This is now the top. The other oval section is the bottom. Both ovals have wicker sides attached. Between both ovals there is more than enough wicker to form the basket. Connect the sides to the bottom with tape. Trim the excess wicker and glue the wicker strip (which prints to the left of the hinge) over the edge where they meet. The handles attach to the top side of the basket about 1/3 of the way from each end.

A note on scale
This page was made with images donated for your use. Feel free to print it and pass it along to anyone, but please don't sell them.