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Playscale Sewing Pattern

Veeda Johnson sent Jim a great mini wedding dress to put in the attic of his Heritage dollhouse. She sent along the pattern she used. In theory you should be able to use these to make a dress. It took some work getting these to look good as graphics, in the process he may have changed enough to keep them from working well.

A tip from Pallie to those creating a sewing or craft room in their Barbie style houses:

There are many free actual patterns out there for clothing for fashion dolls. I got permission for using someone's pattern to make actual patterns for the craft room. First I printed the pattern on regular paper, traced the pattern to tissue paper, like a real pattern would be and folded it up. Then I took a picture of the item (this was a dress) that I made, and created the pattern envelope, using my fabric and sewing info for the back and the true name of the pattern and designer on the front as a label. This worked out great and also keeps a copy of the pattern close at hand to use again if I want to.

A note on scale
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