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Blue Ridge Chronicle


The Blue Ridge Chronicle

1" Scale

The Blue Ridge Chronicle

And just for fun a topographic map of Walton's Mountain.

Jason Tonjes asked and got permission of Ralph Griffin from for me to post a mini version of "The Blue Ridge Chronicle" of "The Waltons" fame.

I'm offering this in two scales: a large Playscale (1:6) newspaper-sized one and a smaller 1" scale version. I understand from Jason that on the show, the paper was more typing paper sized. So true sticklers for details will use the smaller (and more difficult to read!) size in Playscale.

Thanks Jason, for sending this to me and getting permission for me to post it online!

A note on scale
This page was made with images donated for your use. Feel free to print it and pass it along to anyone, but please don't sell them.